Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spiral Soap Saver

Size H hook, Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn

This soap saver is crocheted in a spiral, meaning that you do not turn at the end of each row.

There are to ways to start, each way will end with a circle of 10 sc.

method 1: chain 2, in second chain from hook sc 10, join with slip stitch to form circle.

method 2: Using the magic loop method, chain 10 on loop, cinch closed and join with slip stitch to form circle.

1.) Double Crochet in each SC twice (20 DC)

2.) DC in each DC until desired length (keep a bar of soap handy, you want it to fit, with room to cinch the top closed)

3.) After last DC place marker, Single Crochet in each DC around to marker (20 SC), break yarn and tie off.

4.) Chain 51, break yarn and knot. Thread this string through the last row of DC, then use it to cinch the top closed around your soap, tying it in a bow!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Slip Square Baby Blanket

This blanket knits up quickly, and the pattern is simple enough for you to watch TV or listen to a

good book while you knit! The slip stitches give the blanket a professional finished edge, while the

boucle creates fuzzy, nubby stripes. Gauge is not terribly important is this piece though the finished

product should measure 38 inches by 38 inches, and will take about 12 hours to complete. The

baby blanket pictured was knitted with 2.25 skeins of Bernat Soft Boucle in Grape.

You will need Bulky weight yarn, and size 6 circular needles.


CO - 2

Row 1: Sl, K1 F&B,

Row 2: Sl, K1 F&B, K to end of row

Repeat Row 2 until you have 120 stitches on your needles.


Row: Sl, SSK, K to end of row

Repeat this row until there are 3 stitches left,

Binding Off:

Row: Sl, SSK, Slip first stitch over second, Snip yarn and pull the tail through the last stitch to

bind off.

Terms You Should Know:

Sl- Slip the stitch to the other needle

K1 F&B - Knit one stitch in the front, then knit another stitch into the back (used for increases)

SSK- Slip, Slip, Knit slipped stitches together (used for decreases)

Reversible Open Rib Washcloth

A simple pattern that creates a lovely, elaborate looking washcloth

This pattern can be made in any size, or length, on any size needle. Just make sure to start with an odd number of stitches.

You will be working with Worsted weight cotton and size 6 needles

CO: 31 stitches

Begin Pattern:

1.) K across

2.) P across

3.) K across

4.) K across

5.) *K2 tog, YO* to last stitch, K1

6.) K across

Repeat this pattern 6 times, until you have a total of 36 rows.

37. K across

38. P across

39. K across

40. K across

BO knitwise

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lovely Leaves Washcloth Pattern

Trailing leaves frame a simple garter stitch panel to create this elegant cloth.

You will be working with Worsted weight, cotton, yarn on size 3 needles.

Leaf Panel:


1.) k5, yo, k1, yo, k2

2.) P6, inc 1, k 3

3.) k4, p1, k2, yo, k1, yo, k3

4.) P8, inc 1, k4

5.) k4, p2, k3, yo, k1, yo, k4

6.) P10, inc1, k 5

7.) K4, p3, k4, yo, k1, yo, k5

8.) P12, inc 1, k6

9.) K4, p4, ssk, k7, k2tog, k1

10.) P10, inc 1, k7

11.) K4, p5, ssk, k5, k2tog, k1

12.) P8, inc 1, k2, p1, k5

13.) K4, p1, k1, p4, ssk, k3, k2tog, k1

14.) P6, inc 1, k3, p1, k5

15.) K4, p1, k1, p5, ssk, k1, k2tog, k1

16.) P4, inc 1, k4, p1, k5

17.) K4, p1, k1, p6, sk2p, k1

18.) P2tog, BO 5, p3, k4

repeat 1-18 twice, BO across on the last row, for a total of 3 leaves. Make 2.

Garter Panel:

Co: 28

1.) Knit across

repeat row 1 until desired length, or 20 rows. BO purl-wise.

You will have 2 leaf panels and 1 garter panel .Use your favorite grafting technique to sew the panels together. on the CO and BO sides of the garter panel.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Slip Stripe Baby Washcloth

a delicate ribbed stripe, framed with garter stitching and sized just for baby

With Lily Sugar 'n Cream Yarn CO: 62 on size 7 needles

1. K4, (place marker), K54, (place marker), k4
2. K (knit) across
3. K across
4. K across
5. K across

(Begin Pattern)

Row 1. K3, slm (slip marker), *k1, Sl 1* rep to m, slm, k3
Row 2: P (purl) across

Repeat Rows 6 and 7 until nearly desired length, or 16 times, then knit the last 3 rows.

1. K across
2. K across
3. K across

This pattern is a very simple repetition, but the slipped stitches give it a very dainty raised rib look. This makes it especially suitable for baby cloths

This also looks great as a rectangular cloth, and if you want to make it wider just cast on a multiple of 2 plus 9.