Saturday, October 2, 2010

Slip Stripe Baby Washcloth

a delicate ribbed stripe, framed with garter stitching and sized just for baby

With Lily Sugar 'n Cream Yarn CO: 62 on size 7 needles

1. K4, (place marker), K54, (place marker), k4
2. K (knit) across
3. K across
4. K across
5. K across

(Begin Pattern)

Row 1. K3, slm (slip marker), *k1, Sl 1* rep to m, slm, k3
Row 2: P (purl) across

Repeat Rows 6 and 7 until nearly desired length, or 16 times, then knit the last 3 rows.

1. K across
2. K across
3. K across

This pattern is a very simple repetition, but the slipped stitches give it a very dainty raised rib look. This makes it especially suitable for baby cloths

This also looks great as a rectangular cloth, and if you want to make it wider just cast on a multiple of 2 plus 9.


  1. what color of sugar/cream yarn did you use, the washcloth looks so pretty in that color